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All existing and potential students, instructors and club officials are expected to read, understand and implement the following rules:


1. School
1.1. The NGB name will be United Kingdom TaeKwon-Do Institutes, abbreviated to UKTI. 
1.2. UKTI has been founded to teach Martial Arts all over the UK. 
1.3. All school Instructors are to be a minimum of 1st Degree Black Belt, over 18; First Aid qualified, and have undertaken DBS Enhanced Disclosure for working with children and vulnerable adults. 

2. Presentation
All UKTI students are expected to: 
3.1. Display a high level of personal hygiene during every session, course, grading, competition or other martial arts related event. 
3.2. Wear a clean and ironed uniform displaying the UKTI badge with their grade belt to every event unless advised otherwise. 
3.3. Tie their grade belt correctly. If they do not know how to tie their grade belt correctly, they should ask a senior student to show them how. 
3.4. Be properly dressed before entering the venue. 
3.5. Keep their finger nails and toe nails clean and short. 
3.6. Remove all jewellery including watches, necklaces, rings and earrings. If they cannot be removed, then they must be securely taped over.

3. Attendance
All UKTI students are expected to: 
4.1. Train as much as possible each week and attend as many weekend courses as possible. 
4.2. Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of a session, 
4.3. Advise their school Instructor in advance if they cannot make their regular session or other event. Do not advise your instructor on the day of the session or event. 

All UKTI students are expected to: 

4.4. Attend training sessions and courses on a regular basis to be eligible for selection. 
4.5. Attend any patterns courses that are scheduled for the month's before the grading. 
4.6. Accept the final selection decision of the Master Instructor.

If not selected for grading, all UKTI students are expected to: 

4.7. Continue to attend training sessions and courses on a regular basis. 
4.8. Offer support and encouragement to all of the students that have been selected. 
4.9. Attend the grading assessment to assist the Grading Examiner where required (Red belts). 

4. Sparring
All UKTI students are expected to: 
5.1. Wear their protective equipment at all times while sparring. If they have not purchased protective equipment or forget to bring it with them, then they will participate in non-contact sparring only. 
5.2. Demonstrate control and respect at all times. All contact must be minimal and under total control. Any student that shows a lack of respect for their own safety, or that of their partner’s, or is unable to control the power or direction of their techniques, will not be allowed to participate in controlled contact sparring. 

5. Behaviour
All UKTI students are expected to: 
6.1. Adhere to all of the club rules as detailed above. Any student found to be in breach of the rules risks having their licence revoked or not renewed. 
6.2. Behave in an appropriate way at all times, both in and out of the Venue. This means acting with respect and discipline, and not acting in a way that could bring the school into disrepute. 
6.3. Show the utmost respect to all school Instructors, Students and Guests. This includes training sessions, courses, gradings, competitions and any other martial arts related event. 
6.4. Every school Instructor has the right to ask a disrespectful, disruptive or unruly student to leave the venue or training area for the duration of that session without a refund. This includes students who are likely to cause injury to themselves, other
students, or damage to property. 
6.5. Only the Master Instructor has the authority to suspend or expel any student with a full report. 

All UKTI students 
They are not to use the skills that they are taught against any person, except for the defence of themselves, their family, or friends, in the instance of extreme danger or unprovoked attack, or in the support of law and order. Any student found to be bullying or harassing any student or member of the public faces immediate expulsion from the organisation. 
The School Instructors are not obliged to teach any student that does not show the expected level of respect, attitude or commitment. 
These rules are subject to change at any time, and are open for discussion

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