New Safety measures, Same UKTI Service!

We ask all students to please do the following:

Do Not train if you are
ill or have flu-like symptoms such as a persist cough and/or High temperature.

Wash hands And Feet with soap and water or anti bacterial gel before and after training.

Keep your finger and toe nails short.

Wash Uniform/Clothes before each class.

NO Sparring Gear to be worn at this present time.

IMPORTANT: New Safety measures, Same UKTI Service!

 UKTI are currently working on putting together “Online Training Lessons” 

We are taking this opportunity to inform you all at UKTI that at this present time we will continue to communicate with our Parents/Guardians and students. 

We are grateful to report that we’ve not experienced any cases of the COVID-19 virus amongst our clubs to date, and that recent events have had no impact on availability of lessons. We continue to monitor developments and abide by advice from the government and the NHS UK to ensure this remains the case. 

In terms of any possible future interruptions caused by the COVID-19 Virus, UKTI are currently in the process of creating “Online Training Lessons” for students who may miss classes.

Message to all UKTI Students/Parents & Guardians: 

Rest assured, we’re currently working on a variety of online training lessons for all students who are unable to attend weekly lessons or whose club may be temporarily affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

These online training videos will cover all aspects of the training received in a normal class which will ensure that all students can continue with their learning and development in the period that any disruption may possibly be caused. 

We will continue to update everyone as soon as possible in the coming weeks and we  would ask that everyone continues to follow guidance from the government (GOV UK) and (NHS UK) of regularly washing your hands properly with soap and warm water or with Hand Sanitiser gel, as well as coughing or sneezing into a tissue then immediately putting it into a bin.

During this period of potential interruptions, we would ask that all students continue their training as normal if your class is still available, using the online training videos where appropriate.

If any UKTI students are likely to miss a number of classes, rest assured that we will provide complimentary lessons to help make up for any time lost.


From April 2020 onwards during this temporary disruption, you will be granted £30 per month vouchers for each month of classes missed so as a result, fees will be returned. You can redeem these vouchers at any of our UKTI Events e.g courses & Gradings and also vouchers can be redeemed towards UKTI Sparring Safety equipment.


The potential interruption which may be created by the COVID-19 virus is likely to be limited and therefore, UKTI kindly asks all students to continue their training as normal where possible, secure in the knowledge that we’re doing everything in our power to meet this challenge with a response that’s effective & proportionate with the highest level of service and online materials to maintain the level of learning.

Please keep an eye on all of the latest updates from us via our communication resources used:


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