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Tots TaeKwon-Do was originated in 2002, the group was founded by Mr Hiron John who was a 6th Degree Black belt at the time, in 2014 the group had advanced and the name was then updated to Little Kubz Martial Arts / TaeKwon-Do, we were one of the first groups to develop a syllabus focusing on the criteria to develop young people’s learning of  ages between 4-9 years of age. Nowadays most martial art groups are following a similar system which is a compliment. Mr Hiron John is now a Senior Master VIII  Degree, a  Former  World, European and British Champion Inducted to the USA Hall Of Fame in 2008.  

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Little Kubz is a Children's training programme designed for the ages of 4-9 years old. Our exclusive classes are a perfect way to prepare your child/children for regular school life, giving them the confidence they require with the relevant life skills to help them achieve their potential. These exclusive classes contain a number of simple, fun, and engaging training exercises, lightly based on the teaching Characteristics of Martial Arts.

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All of our Little Kubz classes are conducted with Fun activities as a fluent way of developing the self-confidence and Knowledge of all individuals. All students are encouraged to implement the correct attitude in showing Courtesy to each other and upholding a healthy self-esteem at all times.

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It is similar to the way that children move up from nursery to infants/primary school, our Little Kubz continue their journey by Graduating to the Active TKD class (10-74 years old) these events usually take place every 6 months.

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