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Posted: August 2020


Precautions are ready & in place by ourselves and the location's staff members so everyone can feel comfortable and feel reassured that we are doing everything that we possibly can.

These indoor lessons will require you to pre-book in via the booking system - This is COMPULSORY in order for you/ your child to train.

Lesson times may have been adjusted, and more lessons may have been created in order to allow cleaning time, and to manage the  capacity of students present at one time for safety reasons.

We would like to reassure our existing students that all of our venues have been contacted and we are doing everything in our power to safetly get all students back indoors as soon as it is possible for us to do so. Some of our locations haven't yet opened indoors, however we are definitely getting closer to gaining this.

If you are an existing student and are still unsure of how to pre-book in for your weekly lesson/s, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are a new visitor to the website you can book in for a trial lesson via the home page.



Posted: 21st March 2020


If any UKTI student is due to Grade or would like to grade and has been doing /  completed their time or the ONLINE TRAINING program sessions then please email us at: and we can arrange an online digital appointment for you to perform an online assessment first, which will determine whether or not you are ready to grade. If you are then eligible to Grade, your LIVE Facetime Grading will be scheduled with one of the Examiners 🥋


How it works:

1. Inclusive Facetime Pre Grading assessment, If the assessment is successful, you will be invited to Grade for your next belt. Your LIVE facetime Grading will commence after your Pre-Grading.


2. A Grading form will then be sent to you to complete and then to submit back to us.


3. Successful candidates will receive their new belt and certificate and we will send a confirmation email to clarify your new grade, so no need to worry. Once we’re back to our normal way of life and attending classes again your new Belt, Certificate & Grading book will be given to you.


Stay safe and be sensible. 🥋




Posted: 3rd June 2020


Our UKTI Instructors & Assistant Instructors have now successfully completed a COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor course Online, so we can provide the best possible care during our indoor and outdoor lessons conducted following the up to date Government guidelines.


 Posted: 13th November 2019


A massive well done!

To all of our UKTI England Students, Coaches & Parents who attended the WORLD ITF TAEKWON-DO CHAMPIONSHIPS you did us all proud!

16 Medals won:
4 Gold🥇
4 Silver🥈
8 Bronze🥉

Pat Conway🥇🥉
Mohammed Khan 🥉
Tamara Rose 🥇🥈
Samar Khan 🥉🥉
Ghalib Sohail 🥈🥉
Declan Ward 🥉
Aryan Parmar 🥉
Arman Khan🥉
Muaaz Sohail🥇🥇
Ayaan Bhatti 🥈
Wiktoria De Souza🥈

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