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We hope you are all keeping well during this current time.

We are UKTI Martial Arts and we were established in 1992. We teach all ages from 4-74
years of age.

Martial Arts and Self-Defense has the ability to change lives in any community, giving people a
better foundation for an active lifestyle. Martial Arts and Self-Defense can also help to build
self-confidence, offers discipline and much more.

We never thought that we would ever see the day where our Instructors and Students would
not be able to enter our training halls or our England team training Academy, but who could
have seen this coming?

With our instructors and students not being able to enter the training halls or the England
training Academy for an unknown amount of time, we are under an enormous amount of
pressure to find the funds to keep our Training halls, England Team Academy, equipment
storage and office running.

Our on-going England team is a yearly challenge to raise funds to help with the costs of
travelling to and from competitions, equipment, accommodation and food.  We compete
against over 50 different countries worldwide. Hopefully when everything returns to normal,
we can continue to provide a Martial Arts School of Excellence and our students will still
have somewhere to go to continue with their training.

All we would like to do is focus on our main aim of giving communities and members of the
public of all ages a chance to try something different and educational, to provide young
people with something constructive and beneficial that they can be involved in.

All of us at UKTI Martial Arts understand that the current circumstances are hard on
everyone; however we remain hopeful that we may be able to find some financial support to
help fund our England training team and our National Martial Arts schools, any donation no
matter how big or small would be greatly appreciated and would be helpful in so many ways.

Thank you and Stay Safe.


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